How To Tame An Unruly Beard

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Cleansing your beard several times a week will remove any debris like food or dead skin cells, along with oily build-up and general grime. Cleansing helps enhancing the beard shine, help prevent breakouts, and combat irritation and itch.

Perhaps the most crucial weapon in any beardsman’s kit: the Art of 360 Waves Beard Conditioning Oil. Our oil gives hair a pliable texture that makes it soft to the touch (for both you and your partner).

It’s time to start styling. You can do this with either a brush or a comb. A daily combing session will train your hairs in a downward direction, while also evenly distributing Art of 360 Waves Beard Conditioning Oil for more efficient conditioning.

Combing daily will help your beard shape, but it isn’t an airtight solution to the few hard to manage hairs. To ensure that every hair falls exactly where you want it, grab your Art of 360 Waves. Beard Enhancing Cream and give your beard a coating of the lightweight styler.